this is my super cool website. one rule if you have come here to archive me/screencap me or stalk me then just leave.

My name is Rini my birthday is on feb 14, and currently studying to become a forensic investigator. i love all things cute and creepy and my aesthetics and interests are all over the place and im never really consistent in everything or anything. Some things that interest me are Forensics, Crime, Anime , Rare and obsure medical facts and diseases, Death[lmaoik 3dgy], Parisites, old web stuff, Computers, The sims, Old videogame Sprite art, Old videogames [ok rini we get it MOVE ON >:(] , Ukagaka, music(especialy metal n such) ,horror, art, glitches, saniro charicters, cute things, creepy things, physics, history, biology, pathology and more that i cant list because ??????l?a?z?y???????? im a nice person but some things recently happend and i dont wanna talk abt them. mostly due to stalking and creepy ass ex friends and harrassers. i just want to lead a life i like online pursuing my interests and exist without someone stalking me and archiving me. i left tumblr for that and multiple reasons and i dont think i will go back. friends from tumblr can pms/dm me on any of these sites and i can give you my discord. thanks for being understanding.

these are my links to social sites that im active on

DA pixiv


ダンプスター TV




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